6.5x10 Chandler and Price Pilot Tabletop Press

Offers welcome.

6.5x10 Chandler and Price Pilot Press

This press is widely regarded by users as the finest tabletop press available in the world for several reasons: The maker, its chase size, and its operation. A great number of business print shops looked to the Pilot for their tabletop press. It is a workhorse and a dream to operate for smaller runs (100-500).

The press is stamped Model 205A. I bought this press to print smaller items with and it served its purpose well! I had it fully restored when I bought it but due to moves, it got put in a shed and the steel areas picked up some rust but should be easy to remove.

The ink plate needs a really good cleaning.

Comes with all the items shown:

Press tables, table arms, furniture and quoins, some very small lead type, trucks, 2 sets of rollers, original chase, and a custom machined deep relief base (not boxcar but works the same.) The rollers likely need recovering.

The press needs 2 repairs. One repair to the roller “holder” and the other to the lever arm of the press. It unfortunately broke in an old weld spot in transport.

I can ship this, but the buyer would be responsible for all shipping and crating costs. I can’t transport it for crating so they would have to have the crating company come pick this up. I’m listing it as pick up only but will ship if someone takes care of the costs and logistics.

Asking $1900, offers welcome.

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