Fully rebuilt Showcard “B”, “B Special”, “A” & 7x11 Presses

Fully rebuilt Showcard model “B”, “B Special” and “A” Sign / Proof Presses and Showcard 7 x 11 Press. Very heavy-duty small presses (made for Showcard by Vandercook) , These include bed grippers and a gridded bed plate.

Press is fully reconditioned, including bearings, new paint, type bars (not pictured) and bed plate. Roller is trued or recovered if needed and entire unit is adjusted for type-high. The rebuilt presses are as close to factory new and will print flawlessly.

Specifications from Showcard allow a print area of 15” x 23” on the “B” and “B Special”, a print area of 12” x 16”” on the “A”,— the 7 x 11 has an area closer to an inch larger in each dimension — can use the bars with grooved type or may be locked up within the outer frame using quoins and furniture — great for use with a small press chases…can be used as a galley proof press with bed plate removed. This is a very versatile press and bed plate can be packed underneath or rollers adjusted to vary the impression if needed.

I have had many clients ask about removing the typeholder system and replacing that with a heavier dead bar to gain some “inside” dimension to the press. I have started offering that option at no additional charge at the time of order, or can supply a heavier dead bar in addition for a reasonable price.

I do have the optional ink plates available as well as Showcard type racks, dust covers, etc. The first picture shows an “A” model press with the optional ink plate next to it; this normally bolts onto the end.

Asking $1,995 for the “B”, $2,295 for the “B” Special plus shipping. Asking $1,695 for the “A” plus shipping. Asking $995 for the 7 x 11 plus shipping. I can make all shipping arrangements for buyer at discount.

Please contact me if interested in the press or if you have further questions. Thanks for looking!

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