Ask for Line-O-Scribe Literature

Working on a research project, and I’m wondering if anyone has catalogs from all three iterations of the Line-O-Scribe, or any additional catalogs showing what models are available.

I found a catalog for the Morgan Line-O-Scribes on Circutous Root / Archive

I am still looking for a catalog for the Adrian presses, and globe presses. If there are any out there, let me know. I’d love a scan or some photos if possible.

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Adrian should be fairly close to you, shouldnt it? You would think it would be easier to find information. I actually bought my first gen Line-O-Scribe over in Ida, also semi close to Adrian.

On to the task at hand. I did have a member here send me a copy of a booklet from the first gen era. Mostly talks through some usage and goes through some additional items and such. If you want a copy I can get a copy made and mail it. I also printed off a copy of the original Patent for the first version, but that should be searchable.

I’m not 100% certain what sizes the 1st gen go up and down to, but I definitely know of a 11x17, 13x19, and 14x22, the latter being what I own. I”ll check in my papers tonight.

Good luck with finding more!

Looks like the full range of sizes was available in the Adrian Michigan models. These 7 pages of a catalog show 5x7, 7x11, 11x14, 14x22 at at least. Looks like there was a 22x28 as well. And then Model A and B of each.

If anyone wants to do some reading, here is my catalog scans.