Surplus Equipment at The Printing Museum in Houston

The Printing Museum in Houston, Texas is having a surplus equipment sale. Loading dock at site, shipping is not included. Preference is pick-up, but will work with your shipper if requested.

We are offering a variety of antique letterpress equipment. Below is a list of some of the equipment. Please note, that most of the equipment will require repair and cleaning.

For images, complete list of equipment, prices, and details, visit:

Partial equipment list:
CASCO Multiple Punch
S. Berthier & Durey Platen Press
Vandercook No. 14 Proof Press
Washington Proof Press
multiple Kelsey Excelsior Platen Presses
ACME Book Stitcher
other Tabletop Platen Press
Kelsey Excelsior Platen Press
Kelsey O.K. Jobber Platen Press
Claybourn Precision Proof Press
Golding Pearl No. 14 Platen Press (parts press)
Chandler & Price Platen Press 8 x12 O.S.
Quick Bundler Press 2017.000.122
W.O. HICKOK Board Shear 2017.000.17
>>And More

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image: 2017.000.119.jpg


image: 2017.000.17.jpg


image: 1992.005.01.jpg