Golding Jobber No. 7

Golding Jobber north of Boston in need of a home! Bought the press in 2020 and used it regularly through October 2021. New rollers from Todd’s Press Time, new pulleys on the motor and flywheel. This is not a treadle operated platen! The iconic G treadle was scrapped in it’s past. We ran runs of 500+ on this press and the motor never tired out - great for runs big and small!

Press is skidded on 4x4’s and is ready to move - fits through the doorway with no disassembly. All you need is a jack and a trailer. Hoping to move between June 19th and 24th (quick turnaround I know), may be able to coordinate something after those dates. Will entertain any offers, willing to loan to a studio long term/donate to colleges or workshops. Just want to have this press continue to make prints! Check the instagram below to see the press in action, contact Jackson with any questions. (Please note, I’m no longer based in Massachusetts with the press but will be back to help move things during the dates I mentioned above. Willing to work with someone to get this press into a new home!)

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image: Golding Jobber 7.jpeg

Golding Jobber 7.jpeg