Challenge Proof Press 1528KA

The Challenge Proof Press 1528KA is similar to other cylinder presses like Vandercooks and FAGs however it has it’s own set of unique qualities!

This press is in great condition purchased from another letterpress printer in a neighbouring city.I have used it to print many posters and some invitations/commercial work, however I’m in need of a powered inking system.

Size-wise it is the same as a Vandercook No. 4 with but you will need to place the press in an area where both sides can be accessed as the hand-cranked inking system is on the opposite side of the cylinder handle. The main difference with this press is that the bed is the part of the press that moves during printing, rather than the cylinder travelling as on a Vandercook. Because of this the footprint is about 3’ x 8’. Rollers in very good/almost new condition, kept under blanket when not in use.

You can see a video of me using it here (although I’m hand-inking here):

Press will need to be picked up by buyer from Toronto, Canada. Studio has a loading door that is 38’ high, or can be rolled down the hallways to the street-level exit.

Press weighs approx 850 pounds.

Asking $3500

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image: 1528KA.jpeg


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image: IMG_1434 Large.jpeg

IMG_1434 Large.jpeg