Howard Iron Works Print Expo & Fair

We’re super excited to announce that the 2022 edition of the Print Expo & Fair is returning to our museum on Saturday, October 1. Activities include tours, demos, hands-on printing experience, workshops and shopping for unique and beautiful offerings by a talented group of artists, printers and book arts folks.

Workshops include:

Glueless Bookbinding Workshop - 10:30 AM
Beth will be leading the class on the Chainstitch binding method for attaching a section of pages to a cover requires minimal materials, no glue, and results in a lovely decorative spine stitch. All supplies and tools will be provided.

Lino Engraving/Relief Printing Workshop - 12:00 PM
In relief printing the ink sits on the top surface of a lino plate or block that has been carved. It can add bold personality to personal stationery or create dramatic artistic prints. Students will learn about different plate materials and carve a simple design in a soft printing plate.

Gelli Printing - 1:30 PM
Monoprinting with a gelli plate: Learn to monoprint with a gel printing plate. In this workshop, learn how to ink the plate and layer colours and textures. All materials will be provided including printing plate, brayer, paints plus suitable natural objects (grasses, leaves, flowers) for printing as well as objects for texture. You’ll leave with prints and a recipe to make your own gelli plate at home.

Letterpress Printing - 3:00 PM
This workshop is a hands-on introduction to the fascinating world of letterpress printing, a technology rooted in the 15th century. Participants will learn the basic, hand-set a short personal message using lead type, and print.

PE&F is a community event, for all ages, and held in a fully accessible facility. Let’s have a great show and look forward to seeing you all at the PE&F 2022!

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