1pt lead casted strips

Hello everyone!

We are trying to find someone who could sell us 1pt lead casted strips. Does anyone know who we could reach out to about this? We would greatly appreciate it…and thank you for your time.

Scott DeLano
BWJ Graphics

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I just looked on NA Graphics’ website and they have steel and brass one point leads. You might find someone with an Elrod machine who can cast one point leads from type metal, but I doubt it. I hear that casting one point leads is not an easy job.

You could also just find some one point thick paper and cut strips of that to the same height as leads are. One printer’s point is .0138 inch, or roughly 14 thousandths. One paperboard point is 1 thousandth of an inch. So just find some 14 point board (or index, or bristol, or cover, or ???) and use that

I agree with Geoffrey - you will find paper to be a good substitute for 1pt leads - and much easier than finding someone who has the skill and patience to cast them in type-metal. On a related note - every shop should have a flange micrometer.

I’ve gotten 1 pt leads from Patrick Reagh, he’s on the Yellow Pages on this site. Excellent service.

Paper instead of one point leads, yes it works but wheres the accuracy., its squashable Try 40 lines worth and soon see.
1 point is indeed harder to cast, both on the Supercaster and the comp caster woith the attachment, but can do,. WE used to charge about 2o per cent more than 2 point which is easy (ish!) I wonder if anyone recall that iron hand roller thing, with a little trough and a one point groove in the roller, which
one used to trail across the stone, no good at the ends, but the middle was OK(ish!).

The idea of using 40 strips of paper is clearly an exaggeration - typically I only use one piece of paper for that little extra “fit” - and the thin, hard paper I use is not that compressible as a percentage of its volume.