Pragnant Foil Stamping Machine and Triple Heat Control

Gently Used - $2500 / OBO
Local Pick-Up Only

Stamping Machine: The PraGnant - a unique machine for a wide range of applications, including bookbinding, pattern book manufacturing and gold-blocking departments.

The book case (or other product) is placed upright into the machine, so that the blocking process can be observed all the time and if necessary be repeated without touching the case or taking it out of the machine.

Triple Heat Control: The three-outlet control allows for multiple type holder set up and heat on a continuous basis. One outlet is fixed for regular use, and the other two outlets have separate temperature controls.

PraGnant Type Holders: are sturdy well machined heated type holders designed for use with the Pragnant Stamping Machine.

All feature quick release self-centering action, and run on 110v electricity.

The 200 mm will hold one line of type up to 200 mm in length. The 60 x 60mm is a block holder designed to hold a stamping die up to the indicated size. Dies are mounted in place with the typical heat activated tape.

Gift with Purchase: Heat Activated Tape and Assorted Foils in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

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image: PraGnantDetail.jpg


image: PragNantMachineHeatController.jpg