Looking for Magnetic Wood Blocks (large)

Attached is a photo of a wood block I was given 7”x9”

Do you know who makes these?

I am looking to get one that is 12.5”x19”

Thank you and HAPPY 4th!

image: block1.jpg


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I would try NA GRAPHICS


We can furnish the base for Robb, but after the holiday weekend is over. It’s time to go hear the brass band play their usual Sunday concert—even letterpress takes a back seat to some things.

Take a back seat!!!!!!!!!!! Seems incomprehensible. However I will have to admit that I once had to make a gut-wrenching choice of attending a Wayzgoose or going on my honeymoon.

My decision was slightly eased by the fact that I did somehow manage to buy a font of wood type in an antique shop while on my honeymoon!


Rick, that’s the first time I’ve heard of anyone having their Wayzgoose at their honeymoon….