Teco Motor Control stopped working (.5hp Baldor)

Years ago I followed the suggestion of other printers and bought a new .5 Baldor motor and a Teco controller.

It has worked GREAT for the last 5+ years but now the controller has started going crazy. The LED screen is displaying gibberish and the motor will not start.

Does anyone have a suggestion to replacing the controller? Should I pay an electrician to look at it first?

Any help would be appreciated!


image: IMG_5490.JPG


image: IMG_5491.JPG


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no loose wire connections?

Yeah, my first move would be to disconnect it from mains power and then carefully check all connections for loose wiring. You could also check for cracked insulation on any of the wires. Check your fuse for any damage as well. These will all probably be fine, though. Most likely it’s the electronics in the VFD failing. There’s not a whole lot you can generally do about that. These aren’t very expensive, though. You can get a new one for about $150.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
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