Places to sell a press

Anyone know of other places besides here and Craigslist to sell a press? I’m moving and need to sell my press. Posted an ad on this website but it took 5 days for the ad to post and since it isn’t in the sticky section it is already buried. Are there other reputable sites?

It’s a proof press so I thought it would be relatively easy to sell, I see vandercooks listed and sold in 2 days. Maybe because mine isn’t a Vandercook it hasn’t sold, not sure. It is a solid press, has an adjustable bed, and is even less than similar Vandercooks but so far no luck.

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Sorry that your ad was not made sticky. It appears as if a sticky donation did not accompany the ad, so the publication of the ad was delayed for payment. The ad has been made sticky. Hope that helps.

I did pay to have the ad posted at the time I posted the ad. Yes hopefully it will help to have it be sticky. Thanks.

What does sticky have to do with placing an ad. Are we charged to advertise? Would like to have sticky clarified. Thank you.

If an ad is “sticky” it appears at the beginning of the list. If you go through all the sticky ads then you will see that there are some ads that are placed before some sticky ads were placed, meaning listings aren’t strictly chronological.

When an ad is submitted at , there is a rectangle that explains “Free or paid?” If you wish to have your ad sticky for 3-4 weeks, check the box that applies and make a payment.

Some people check the box, but don’t make payments. The ads are not published for up to 5 days. They are then published below the stickies.

The stickies are chronological and the non stickies are chronological. Hope this clarifies the situation.

I definitely made a payment and pretty sure I checked the box. But definitely made a payment through paypal.

I don’t usually think of this site as being “Local” since so many posts are American and usually quite far away from me here in Quebec. Imagine my surprise when I listed my press for sale here a couple of years ago, and the buyer who quickly saw my ad lived only ten minutes away! She was more shocked than I was and had not expected to find a press within 100 miles yet alone ten. The sale went great, thanks Briar Press!