What exactly are the trucks? Are they the part that holds the rollers in place as they glide along the ink plate? Are they are part that fixes onto the part that holds the rollers. I am a bit confused.

Thanks much!

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They are the little “wheels” that slide onto the ends of the rollers.

When we’re talking about “trucks” we mean the round pieces of (usually) metal, with a hole in the center for the roller shaft, that roll on the tracks or rails and support the ink rollers at a reasonably precise and consistent height above the type form. “Wheels” might be a better term, but I think we’re stuck with “trucks.”

(Or maybe we mean the large motorized vehicles that deliver huge pieces of wonderful printing equipment!)

I appreciate it. I am sure there was plenty of eye-rolling upon seeing my question, but I guess I have to learn somehow.

Now, I can check trucks off of my list of things I need. Thanks so much!