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Obviously, inky has a heated shop....29 Jan
Place a candle under the ink disk and...29 Jan
Weren't those used in schools? I think...18 Dec
You may end up breaking a casting. I...13 Dec
Speaking only for myself, I think that...8 Dec
I heated the keyway with a propane...19 Oct
Do you have enough room to store...8 Oct
The New Series Pilot that I have is a...25 Sep
One of the grippers on my 8 X 12 was...16 Sep
Printing in the buff reminds me of the...21 Aug
I don't know about the ATF badge, but I...21 Aug
I have used Yesterday's Tractors, too....11 Aug
I don't know what it's really worth...7 Aug
The strap or chain should go through...4 Aug
The tow truck guys have used nylon...29 Jul
I have moved 8 X 12 presses in the back...28 Jul
The going price often depends on the...17 Jul
$3,000, to me, is ridiculous. I would...1 Jul
Yes, the two sections move in different...29 Jun
Platenpress is correct. Turn the dog...25 Jun
Safety Lesson 5: Never put nuts of any...24 Jun
If they're really worth $120 per...20 Jun
It can be moved in a normal 1/2-ton...10 Jun
I agree with all of the above. I have...8 Jun
Alan -- I'm like you ... after this...6 Jun
It's so pretty, I'd be afraid to get it...29 May
If you can find an old chase of the...28 May
Very interesting! Mystery solved. It's...27 May
It's instinctive to try to reposition a...29 Apr
Check the hauling schedules at...23 Apr
At the very least, Briarpress should...22 Apr
That sounds like a good deal to me...10 Apr
I made a good, solid table for a Pilot...9 Apr
It's a PILOT.7 Apr
We're not less human now; we're more...4 Apr
Yes, it would have to be filled with...28 Mar
Dave -- Do you think that a section of...25 Mar
Beautiful job, Dave. Very nice...23 Mar
Write up some "wanted" ads on index...19 Mar