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Nice looking press Ken. Well Done.7 Feb
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Sorry to be slow in responding, I'll...2 Feb
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You will love the aluminum Craftsman...8 Nov
As a fellow artist, I understand your...29 Oct
I am 6ft. and my press is just an inch...25 Oct
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You can add a treadle, but not a Hern...25 Oct
Since the earliest years in each column...21 Oct
Unless I'm missing it, Blick doesn't...6 Oct
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Until you get a high speed key, you can...3 Oct
I believe we do have the same brand of...29 Sep
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Blue could be Flash or Okay. How...22 Sep
I have a similar problem. I think...21 Sep
Awesome! Can you also scale up?18 Sep
I don't have any solid answers to your...15 Sep
Great press! Nice design. I was...14 Sep
I have some pics of my home made...14 Sep
Galleys are cool, but just like job...14 Sep
I'm glad this is useful. Information is...29 Aug
I'm glad this is useful. Information is...29 Aug