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heidi cylinder "KS" one color 23 Jul 15
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1) is your image centered or a bit low...23 Nov
1) should be stamped on the frame 2)...20 Mar
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1,000-1,200lbs27 Apr
13-19 has new style steel frame, so i...1 Jan
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2,000 miles... I would buy a capable...30 Jan
240 is a 3 phase current. you would...5 Apr
30 years ago, Mag dies were a...4 Oct
300F is pretty high. i would inverst...1 Apr
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3in wide plywood will work. Long enough...22 Jul
80 bucks (up to about 4" x5") +...21 Feb
? a few more details or questions with...17 Aug
? I don't have a web site...23 Jan
@ Dennis; Are you shutting heat off end...13 Dec
a 12 x 18 kluge/CP would suit your...11 Dec
a 6 x 9 plate wouldn't really need 3...15 Oct
a close up of the control panel would...28 Feb
a few degrees of movement is fine. it...6 Mar
a few things could be checked by...14 Oct
a file will most likely damage the...8 Dec
a fully loaded kluge with both foil and...4 Jun
a gear puller could be tried on this...25 May
a good motor repair shop would likely...10 Dec
a GOOD pair of scissors will cut that...11 Jul
a heat plate system with controller is...1 Feb
a nail won't work. way too soft. you...22 Nov
a new single phase motor will prob cost...17 Jan
a pic would be nice. other wise who...23 Feb
a reference to size would be nice and...31 Jan
a roll 24 in wide by 1,000 ft long is...18 Feb
a sharp narrow chisel tapped into the...3 Dec
A) Those prob are, peened over a bit...9 Mar
A) As stated above, this is Not a...1 Mar
A)the bolt should belong enough to...23 Aug
acetate19 Apr
Afavorite,,,, BEARS Eh???? well i am up...11 May