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Just launched LOL Letterpress website! 5 Mar 11
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Thank you melstock and CabinPress for...7 Mar
Thank you so much! It has been a dream...6 Mar
Here's a few pictures of my C&P OS...22 Nov
Hope this...22 Nov
Hi Melissa, We have a few pictures...13 Sep
Thank you all for your comments. I am...3 Aug
Hi John, Here are the measurements: The...8 Jul
I agree Arie, it is fun to see operate....29 Jun
Thanks Paul, I'll give that a try....28 Jun
Great! Thank you...12 Jun
Thanks Brad, You are right it is 1.5"....12 Jun
Great info... Thanks4 Jun
The outside dimension is 10 1/8" x 13...4 Jun
Great! Thanks everyone.2 Jun
Check out our blog...1 Jun
Thank you for your comments! We are...28 May
I want to thank all of you for you...9 Aug
Thanks for the info.8 Aug
.8 Aug
Thank you John. We think alike. I...29 Jul
Thank you John. That is very helpful...29 Jul
Thank you for your help. I will look...27 Jul
Hi, I am looking to buy a C&P 8x12 or...27 Jul
Hi, I was wondering if you knew where...27 Jul
Thanks19 Jun