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Thanks for the info everyone! I...8 Dec
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Thanks for the tip Jason16 Dec
tears18 Jan
Owosso is pretty solid. I have had a...18 Jan
Alan, Meaghan, and BP...19 Jan
A lot of the cast iron parts on the C&P...22 Jan
I plan to move a Windmill through a 34"...19 Feb
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I am in the process of buying a...23 Feb
I just posted a piece on my blog about...30 Mar
Haha. It looks a lot worse than it...1 Apr
Good to know. I don't plan on moving...4 Apr
These are all great ideas. I love...6 Apr
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I got a bfa in Graphic Design. When we...8 Apr
I recommend hitting every possible...15 Apr
Hey Paul, I keep it very well oiled...22 Sep
Also, I have been creating my endgrain...1 Oct
my first batch will probably be done on...3 Oct
I would recommend the sandblast route...10 Jan
interior latex comes in gloss, right?12 Jan
I second the suggestion to use Ramco. I...19 Jul
I've been wanting to learn how to cast...6 Feb
You are the best. Many thanks!15 Feb
Hey folks. The event was a hit. Just...27 Mar
I brought it for backup in case of...28 Mar
I second the jig, or at least a piece...30 Aug
On top of the many great pieces of...16 Sep