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Alright, the new part has gotten me 95%...5 Apr
Also, I dunno how big your cutter is...7 Jun
Also: ITC Garamond?30 Jul
Always make sure to burnish the...16 Sep
And why use oiled tympan if you're...9 Aug
Any paper will fold beautifully if...21 Nov
Are you near a major centre? It will be...25 Jul
Are you printing with guides? It will...6 Jun
Aren't offset blankets almost all...25 Jan
Aren't you supposed to get around that...7 Jul
As I said, there are four joints...3 Oct
As stated by John Henry, that is a...22 Jan
As stated in his original posting...23 Dec
Be careful adding packing to a...14 Dec
Be careful foil stamping on plike. It...7 Jul
Be very careful washing out by hand, A4...25 Jul
Bearer blocks seem like they would...21 Nov
Beat me to it. Yep.12 Jan
Bleed can be reduced by sealing them...9 Jan
Blundstone boots are laceless and the...14 Jul
Both C&Ps I own have had holes drilled...2 Feb
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