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- My experience is, that wood gives...28 Apr
.1 Jul
.1 Jul
1906 according to this...21 Apr
A last resort, eBay. At least it...28 Oct
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Agreed parallel. Overnight spray...13 Jun
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agreed. 12 May
All of our magnesium single level dies...25 Mar
Amazon has non detergent motor oil....1 May
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AnnieW, Re-knifing with side bevel is...28 Jul
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Apparently out of business; posted on...2 Jan
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Are you using photopolymer plates? I...6 Mar
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Back to your original post for the...30 Sep
Bar-Plate still has Genuine Pressboard...14 Jun
Below the suction trip, it says 'pull...11 Nov
Best wishes Fritz! Good to see you back!5 Oct
Boxcar has some great instructional...10 Sep
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Bud, thanks for the info. I'm exploring...30 Mar
Buy a Kluge stamper. They have the air...8 Dec
Can you eliminate some packing on that...27 Jan
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Check page 85 in the manual, 'Setting...13 Jun
Cleaned mine out, used a ton of wd40 on...3 Mar
Copper is the best by far, as Eric has...22 Dec
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Dan, I see your political bias, so I'm...8 Apr