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winking, i use linoleum blocks for my...14 Jun
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i work at home and love it, but i'm not...23 Jun
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i bought my C&P from a friend of a...29 Jun
for small stuff (notecard sized) i use...8 Jul
mine is a 1909 treadle-operated 10x15....1 Aug
now that i think about it, there are a...1 Aug
i'm with gigimarieh -- i've got carved...13 Aug
thank you, dick! i always appreciate...13 Aug
as a newcomer, i would like to say how...17 Aug
i got my old-style, 10x15 C&P as a rank...27 Aug
I'm going to swim upstream here and, if...15 Dec
I think you were right on target...18 Jan
If you're looking for an easy website...16 Feb
I've got an old-stlye 10x15 C&P that I...6 May
I've done a few test shirts with my...7 May
What a great story, Gerald! Thanks for...8 May
Very cool, Michael. I didn't know...18 Oct
Yes, thanks for the heads up, Theo. The...18 Oct
Here's a second photo.21 Jan
Thank you both, and also to dickg who...22 Jan
Mine are a mixture of hand carved...4 Dec
In art school for cleaning ink off of...9 Jan