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AnonyMouse now I see what I'm missing!...11 Feb
And I can't get a pic uploaded.11 Feb
Yes I found it in the drawer! The...13 Feb
Hello17 Jul
Are you using OEM grippers, or...24 Feb
My press guy may know. He told me he...27 Feb
Also mine has the same LMC heat...27 Feb
How is the fold not consistent? I have...27 Feb
I do think it maybe a fine tune for the...29 Feb
Ericm, these units do not spin...29 Feb
In the pic 8768 that long black thing...1 Mar
Without feeding stock the press will...7 Mar
phansbarger and b.biroscak both of my...9 Mar
b.biroscak I guessed on the serial...10 Mar
Any updates?10 Mar
Sounds like the set up isn't too bad....16 Mar
I haven't had any luck with white...8 Apr
Also don't forget about the filter that...20 Apr
You have a long road ahead of you of...27 Apr
Yep, same thing here. Wanted a money...16 May
The Arm, unless things have changed...16 May
lyools4 is him I think.18 May
All three of my windmills have a static...21 Jun
Not sure what you have going on. I use...21 Jun
isaboa, I bet the one you missed out on...5 Jul
Yep, you have a piece that has broken...5 Jul
isaboa, Haha, I wouldn't of duked it...6 Jul
Do you have cores dwallen? for $76...6 Jul
I would love some Syn-tac's for that...7 Jul
I have a V50 that was made between the...19 Aug
Here is a pic of it. It makes contact...19 Aug
Bill, It's in the "New and Improved...29 Aug
Zellerfish, Did you try the vacuum shoe...8 Sep
Unless you can pick that one up for...16 Sep
Also, where are you located? I shipped...16 Sep
You will need a 220 outlet. Check if...16 Sep
That looks like the correct OEM...27 Sep
western411, please do!28 Sep
Is this Jeff? Feel free to message me...12 Jan
I have mine set at appox, 12'' from...17 Jan