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Thanks for all the help and clues...27 Jun
Thanks both. I just seem to be going...27 Jun
The plot thickens... I've just had a...27 Jun
Thanks all. I was lying awake in the...28 Jun
I'd really like to see a picture of...29 Jun
Thanks Peter, I've done some judicious...29 Jun
Thanks all, and sorry for the delay in...11 Jul
Model C, even. 12 Jul
No, it was just listed badly - no...12 Jul
Thanks all, Peter - all I know is...12 Jul
Other images from the listing: 12 Jul
deleted12 Jul
Thanks Jez, Any idea how many people it...12 Jul
An Arab and then I'm done... Maybe :)...15 Jul
Went to see this tonight. Its actually...15 Jul
Images 15 Jul
Thankyou Jonathan, I've been watching...15 Jul
Thanks Jonathan, I have been Googling...28 Jul
Also, many thanks parallel_imp for your...28 Jul
Mine is also missing this lever:28 Jul
Thanks so much, Jonathan. We have a...29 Jul
Bit of an update - Boyfriend's boss is...6 Aug
Is that a laser printer on top of it? ;)7 Aug
I'm going to go for it. Its all good...7 Aug
Thanks one and all, I've bid on it so...8 Aug
I won this for £11.25. Hurrah....11 Aug
"Cracked and crazed"... Sounds like me!...11 Aug
I'd love to meet the seller though, he...11 Aug
Also Peter, your "heap" sounds like a...11 Aug
Collected this tonight. So far the...12 Aug
Another photo. After the first round of...12 Aug
Thanks both, I'm going to give taking...13 Aug
Mick - sounds an elusive mix of...15 Aug
Mephits thankyou, a good idea that one! 15 Aug
With link, this time!...16 Aug
The same press a week ago:...16 Aug
Wow - looking good! Thanks for sharing...16 Aug
Also just noticed my composing stick is...19 Aug
Thanks Peter, I will try that....19 Aug
Yeah, sadly not. It had been sitting in...20 Aug