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Minburn, IA USA 50167
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Starting as a fool with a proof press and a few fonts of type, The Foolproof Press now encompasses a collection of over 2,000 fonts of handset type as well as a myriade of borders and ornaments. I also have a few dozen presses. Primarily produce ephemeral work dealing with typography and printing.
Member of the Amalgamated Printers’ Association.

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Hi there,
i’m Gini from Malaysia.
I’m currently doing a research and identifying all the old font for a letterpress museum in Malaysia called The Royal Press. I’m now having a hard time to identify all these font as i’m not a expert in font type.

Is it possible that I ask for help to identify the fonts?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you!

Talk about LATE on a response! I have not checked this listing in years!!!!!!!!
I do sort of specialize in typeface identification, mainly American in origin, as almost all of my reference materials are American. Very few European catalogues or others.