New Rollers for Kelsey Excelsior

I need completely new rollers for a 5x8 Kelsey Excelsior. Those that were found with the press were not only rotted, they were rusted through, completely unusable. So I don’t have anything to start with. Is there someone I can get these from?

John Dunn
Cold Spring, NY

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Got mine from Tarheel Roller.
Phone 336-766-9823
E-mail [email protected]
Hope this helps


Thanks for the info. I just sent them an e-mail and am waiting to hear what they say.

John Dunn

Hey John!
I just got brand new rollers from a place in colorado— NA Graphics. They were super nice and really helpful. Here is their listing:

I think they were around $150. I would probably call and talk as opposed to e-mail, as you might learn all kinds of interesting things.

Also, make sure you order trucks, which most likely you don’t have if your rollers are rusted. they’re the little round plug type things that sit on the end of the roller and actually make contact with the “rails” above the plate that you’re printing.

Hope that helps!