Kelsey 3x5 printable area

I just purchased a Kelsy 3x5 in great condition and have everything to get started but am wondering the maximum size I can print. I’m hoping to print on some 4x4 coasters but will obviously have to print with an inch margin (3x3). Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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“…the maximum size I can print”. Maximum size what? Image? Material? For image, well, 3”x5” is the maximum image area. And a Kelsey will print such size. However, there is a world of difference in ease of printing a full forme of type, a full-color lino cut, or a simple monogram. (That’s what separates a Printer from a wannabe.)
As to material size, well, that, too, depends much upon your ingenuity. Width of material is unlimited but do remember the bed rails will strike the stock; important therefore to keep the tracks clean and oil-free, and employ a frisket whenever possible. Depth is, however, restricted somewhat. You can extend the bed (use a thin, stiff stock) to gain an inch and a half beyond the platen’s lower edge, but do ensure that area is free of oil and mess; and you might well have to remove the gripper arms in order to facilitate the stock positioning. Similarly, an extension toward the handle will see another 3”, or, if you lower the handle some, the extension can be as long as workable. Again, use your talents and imagination. Impress your friends by displaying your lino-cut initials neatly printed on a T-shirt. It can be done.

Thanks for the advice