Please Help!

Hi Everybody, I’ve posted here before about the broken disk pawl on my Golding Official and really appreciate all the suggestions. People have suggested I get the part re-casted and braze it back.

Does anyone have a close-up picture of what the part is supposed to look like and how it should be attached to the rest of the press? Also, is the ink plate supposed to turn when I pull down on the handle or when I lift it? It would be helpful to know all this so I can explain it to the mechanic who is going to fix it for me.

I’m really desperate to get this press working!

Thank you so much for all your help!!

image: Picture 15.png

Picture 15.png

image: Picture 16.png

Picture 16.png

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I don’t have a Golding Official to investigate, but in general, the ink disk turns when the platen is opening after printing, so when the lever returns to upright, the disk should be turning. If it were set to turn when the lever is being activated, the disk would be trying to turn with the ink rollers on top of it.

If you have both the parts of the piece you could have a machine shop drill and tap both stub ends and join them with a steel allthread screw. Once joined the joint could be brazed and it should be about as good as new.

You don’t say what size Official you have. I have an 8-1/4x12-1/2 — I could send a snapshot of the ink pawl arm from my press if that would help.

Thank you for your responses!

Jhenry, what you said totally makes sense. Now that you mention it, I feel silly for not thinking of that myself.

Ad Lib Press, I think I have the same press you do. I measured my chase and it’s about 8x12. It would be VERY helpful if you could send me a snapshot of your ink pawl arm!! I would be so grateful! Thank you so much!!

Hi Baldie,

I’m curious if you ever got a response to your last question and if you finished your Golding restoration? I hope so!

I’m considering the purchase of an Official as well that also has a broken ink pawl arm. I don’t have any pictures yet of the ink pawl arm but will certainly send to you if/when I get it. Good luck.


Can I please see your solution to this. My pawl is missing the end that connects to the disc.

I’m very sorry — I seem to have missed this thread where you asked for a photo of the ink pawl arm. I’m away from home for an extended period, so I can’t help quickly. There must be someone around with an 8x12 Official who can photo their arm and pawl for you. Try John Falstrom at

Regretfully, Bob

Fresh out of No. 6’s at the moment. Have a No. 4 but it might be better to look at a photo of the Golding Imprinter press that has the same pawl seen here. The website is with the “s”.


image: golding_official_imprinter_thumbnail copy.jpg

golding_official_imprinter_thumbnail copy.jpg