Need Motor Recommendations for C&P 8x12, Please!

I need a new motor for my C&P New Style 8x12. I have a mount that holds the broken motor, so I just need a motor that’s sufficiently powerful to drive this press. The old motor was a 1/2 hp, 1725 RPM (I think) AC motor, with a 1/2” shaft. I don’t know if that was more than enough or just enough power or speed. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve been turning the flywheel by hand, and after 300 wedding invitation sets, my shoulders are aching!

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A 1/2 HP motor will work fine if you start the press with a hand push/turn of the flywheel. You will need the speed reduced through a system of belts and pullies to a speed you are proficient and comfortable with.

Thank you for your reply, Inky. I have belts and a housing for the motor. Stories about losing fingers have me very cautious about using the motor, so I’ll be slow and careful!

I also have a 8x12 C&P without motor and would love to hook one up! This hasn’t been done to my press before so their is no facilities available. Any suggestions would also be great??