Platen Press Operation by George J. Mills ( Anyone Know where I can find one)

Are they really over $100 dollars? That’s all I could find, as they are out of stock over at NA Graphics. I am art student w/ Loans, and just spent a ton of money buying and moving my C&P Platen. If anyone has an extra copy, or knows of anyone who will sell one to me for a discounted price. I would be so grateful.

Thank you!

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Kristina, you should get involved in a local group like the San Jose Printers’ Guild. What are you doing this Sunday? It’s my day in the printshop at History Park in San Jose, a half hour south of you, and while I’m no George Mills, a few hours hands-on instruction and suggestions on a couple alternate books may be just the thing for your budget.

Dave Robison, San Jose Printers’ Guild

Hey Dave! Thanks so much for getting back to me. I would love to come by on Sunday!!! that would be amazing. I will shoot you an email about specifics.

Thanks again!

History Park in San Jose-Where is the park? What hours is the “printing section” open? What equipment do they have? Are they looking for volunteers?

History Park used to be known as San Jose Historical Museum, is in the south end of Kelly Park (opposite end from Happy Hollow, just south of the Japanese Friendship Garden), at Senter and Phelan Rd.; Park hours are noon-5pm Tues-Sun.

The “Printing Office” is a small 1880s building and was the first building moved into the Park about 35 years ago. It’s set up as a working turn-of-the-century printshop, and is staffed by members of the San Jose Printers’ Guild on weekends. Equipment currently in the shop includes a late 1870s 10x15 Liberty press, an 1886 Pearl, a couple of C&P Pilots, Poco and a Potter proof presses, a cutter, and a couple hundred cases of type, among other things. The Guild usually meets at History Park at 10am the 2nd Saturday of the month, and like any museum volunteers are always needed!

Dave Robison, San Jose Printers’ Guild

You can get “the elements of Platen presswork” by Polk much cheaper, probably on E Bay