Michael Bruce 

Oklahoma State Capital Publishing Museum

The State Capital Publishing Museum occupies a 1902, Joseph Foucart-designed building that served as the home of the Oklahoma State Capital newspaper until 1911. The museum’s collection consists of turn-of-the-century printing presses, bookbinding machinery, and associated tools.

The museum has a full range of educational programs, in addition to being open to the general public. In one program, members of your class or group will be assigned roles commonly found in newspaper offices in Oklahoma Territory prior to 1900: editors, reporters, type-setters, printers, printer’s devils. At the end of the day the students will produce a newspaper full of period content and editorials.

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Current website as of 3/2007 is:
http://www.okhistory.org/mus-sites/masnum22.htm. Sorry for the wrapping, if it isn’t fixed on my post. Email should be updated to [email protected].