George Folchi, owner 

Folchi, George

Makes, repairs, and rebuilds parts for small presses. Orders should include one or more of the following: sample part, drawing with dimensions, picture, and description of part(s) requested. Also manufactures Sigwalt presses. 6” by 9” and 2 1/2” by 4” presses are available as well as some parts for all size presses including 5” by 7 1/2”, 4” by 6”, and 3” by 5” presses. Plans for producing other sizes will depend on demand. Makes, repairs, rebuilds parts for other small presses.

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The number listed above is incorrect. I just spoke with Mr. Folchi (after tracking his number down, sorry, but I didn’t get permission to publish his new number). He told me he no longer makes the presses. He still has a few spare parts, but nothing complete.