Zinc and Magnesium Face Cuts

I will be trying to sell a collection of print cuts, some of which I think are zinc or magnesium faced. I’ve read that zinc deteriorates, so I assume the ones that have a powdery white subtance are those. I also read that the metal on the plates can be colored, so I think those are the magnesium faced ones. But, some of the colored ones also show deterioration. The majority of these are glued onto the blocks. Please, if anyone can tell me for sure what these are made of, I’d appreciate it.

Also, many of my cuts are logos, some with and some without registration marks. Do I have the right to sell these without permission from those companies?

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Magnesium plates will deteriorate faster than zinc if stored in a moist environment. If you see a white residue on the surface (or most likely on the edges), they are most likely magnesium plates. Zinc is also a much heavier weight material, so given two plates for comparison, the zinc will weigh a good deal more than the magnesium.

I really can’t comment on the trademark issues, but if listed as used printing plates when you sell them, I doubt that there will be any issue. The purchaser may not have the legal right to use them if in violation of trademark provisions, however. That is an interesting question.

Thank you very much for the information. I guess I have some re-cataloging to do.

If it’s a company that’s still in business most likely they still hold the rights to the logo. Thing is registered is different than trade mark and there’s different rules that govern them. Best to check with the patent and trademark office.

I’ll check into this more. Thank you.