Alan Brignull, coordinator 

It’s a Small World

A cooperative annual containing single leaves on printing subjects by different hobby printers from all over the world. Now in its seventh decade, it is probably the oldest such project still going.

The book is perfect bound and sent to participants only, without charge. Printers should request particulars from publisher before submitting a leaf.

(William F. Haywood in the USA originated and published “It’s A Small World” from 1955 until 1995. He passed away in 1999. Mike Elliston took over in 1996 and produced 16 issues from Basildon, England, until retiring from the job in 2011. Alan Brignull in Loughborough, England, is the current co-ordinator.

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60th anniversary issue has now been mailed out and it’s a beauty. Contact me if you are interested in contributing next year.

Now collecting pages for the 70th annual issue to be issued in April!