Good source for printing plates?

I have seen letterpressed items with a “pattern” such as flowers, scrolls, etc. printed over a large area like the entire front of a 5X8 card, etc.

Where does one find such large plates of pre-made patterns? Must they be custom ordered from places like Owosso et al, or can they be found ready made? Any ideas appreciated. Thank you

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99% chance that they are being made in photopolymer, and lots of people these days get their plates made from Boxcar Press, in NY.
Send them a file, and they send you the plate. I guess Owosso is comparable or perhaps they make magnesuim or copper plates? Forgive me for not being familiar with them.
I suppose you may occassionally come across an old plate with the design you are looking for, but it seems like 9 times out of 10, these days you are looking at a design that was printed from photopolymer.

I think some of the background color plates may even be hand cut/carved linoleum.
Just a thought. Check some of the videos on You Tube, Hatch Print.

We’ve had large background texture plates designed and produced in magnesium. The largest was about 12” x 15”