Intertype Stick Attachment

I am researching the Intertype Stick Attachment for an article to be published in the American Typecasting Fellowship (ATF) newsletter. Of the 3 machines with this device which I know of, I own one of them: a 1939/40 C-3 star base backloader which I recently upgraded to an electric pot and quadding 1st elevator.
Rich Hopkins (Mr Monotype) has tasked me with this challange, so I am searching for any and all assistance; credit will be given in the article.
Question needing answers are: when was the device developed? why (answer to Ludlow, APL, poor man’s mixer?) how was it received by the industry? how many machines were so equipted?, when did production stop? and ANYTHING else since there is really nothing written about it.
Thanks for your help.
John Finch

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With a Google patent search you can find a description and a date of this invention.