Steve Pratt 

Pratt Wagon & Press Works

[Update: A Briar Press member notified us that Steve Pratt died of cancer in 2012. —Eds.]

Steve Pratt of Pratt Wagon Works builds working replicas of printing presses and has built at least 45 presses using detailed mechanical drawings of their parts. His work is extraordinarily meticulous and accurate. Steve has built full-sized working replicas of iron hand presses such as Peter Smith’s Smith press and Adam Ramage’s Philadelphia, and even a wooden interpretation of Gutenberg’s press (the precise design of the original is unknown). He also makes missing parts for any press.

Editor’s note: Two of Pratt’s replica presses, the Gutenberg and the Smith, can be seen in the Briar Press Museum.

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From a flicker account showing his press.
“Steve died on December 28, 2012 after battling with brain cancer. Unfortunately Steve’s son Ben has no interest in continuing to build these presses.”