John Barrett, owner 

Letterpress Things, llc

A unique store with all sorts of letterpress items — type, machines, cabinets, supplies, plates, etc. Inventory comes from the purchase of closed shops. “Things” are brought in, sorted, priced, placed out on the sales floor.
A visit to the store is a browsing experience whether you’ve printed for years or are just starting. On hand are hundreds of letterpress items to see, ponder over, purchase. The store is generally open twice a month (although visits during the week can be arranged). “Open Dates” are posted on the web site.
The web site is an additional source of letterpress items. Regularly posted are Supplies: press, type, plates, “things” and Equipment: machines, cabinets. Included are instructions for purchasing and payment. Pay us a visit, in-store or on line.

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Hi, Do you have parts for Craftsman presses? I was given two Monarch presses by an industrial arts teacher. I appreciate your help! Jack M