Classes in Richmond, Virginia?

I am interested in learning the art of letterpress. I am looking for classes or instruction in Richmond, Virginia. I am a creative person and a quick learner. If anyone has any leads, please let me know. Thank you.

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I live at Doswell, near Richmond, and have had a private press for about 45 years. I could help you get started if you’re interested. I have several presses and a fair amount of type, and since I just retired I’m planning to devote more time to printing.

Thank you for answering my email and for your offer. Sounds great, I am interested. I saw a link to your direct email and plan to contact you this way for details and to give you my personal email address. Thanks again.

Mrs Chin Press - Welcome to the Briar Press community. You will have an excellent teacher if you take Ad Lib up on his offer.

I am interested in your inquiry for another reason. There used to be a printing group in Richmond, but I was just informed that it is not in existence any more. I noted this on the listing at .

If you start printing and find others in your area who print or are learning, you may wish to consider starting another group. There are many such groups in different areas as you can see in the list of Groups/communities in the Printer’s Yellow Pages. Each group sets its own schedule, projects and agenda.

At the bottom of each page of the Yellow Pages you will see search fields that allow you to search the listings by location. You may find other helpful resources there.

Hello Elizabeth~

Thank you for the great information. I am excited about this new opportunity. If all goes as I hope, I would be interested in being part of or creating a group of other interested printers.
I will check out the links you mentioned. Thanks again.

Elizabeth, the printing group you referred to, GRIPHOG, hasn’t met for a while. Our founder is still, as far as I know, in Richmond — I heard from him in December — and I think it’s likely we’ll have another “occasional gathering” sometime soon. He disbanded the shop he’d maintained downtown, and returned most of the equipment to the museum that owned it, because of the expense of maintaining it and the very limited use. The group is informally organized and has never met on any regular schedule, so it’s a bit hard to track. They met at my home and at VCU’s letterpress studio last year.

Bob - The information I received was from Dave who said they had “closed up shop two years ago.” If this or another group forms, the contact person can get in touch with us and he or she can update the listing.

In the old sites we updated all the listings manually. We now have over 1000 letterpress resources and we are hoping that listing owners will claim their listings and make the needed changes. We need the help of our members to keep the Printer’s Yellow Pages updated and make it a useful resource.

Thanks for your offer to help Mrs Chin Press.

mrs chin press,
I work in richmond, printing letterpress almost daily. If your interested you can contact me and we could meet to give you basics. I print mainly on an 8x12 C&P but also use kluge’s, Meihle verticals and a miller simplex. If anybody does restart a group please let me know.