Small Adana, what is it??

I’m new to all this and bought a small press to start with, I’m cleaning it up and it looks as though it might need some new rollers but i can’t work out the model name so i don’t know which rollers i need. Plus i need a composing stick, do all models use the same?

The chase size is: 1 3/4”X 3 1/4”

any help would be appriciated, thanks!

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a photo maybe?

A picture would help in identification, but if you don’t care about the brand it isn’t as important — but completeness and condition are. If you can’t find a name how do you know it’s an Adana? I was not aware they made such a small one. If you have the rollers it would be best to send them, with a roller truck for size, to have them re-covered. Depending on where you are you may find someone nearby who can help get you started. With a chase that small a small composing stick will be bigger than necessary, and they aren’t matched to a press, so almost any one you find will work.

If it is an Adana, from the chase size, the press appears to be a High Speed #1.