Rollers jamming before plate on Adana 8x5 Model.

I’ve just recently managed to get the missing chase and rollers I needed for my model 8 x 5 and after sticking on the new rollers they stuck at the lip of the inking plate.

Im not sure why the rollers are so tight to the chase and was wondering how do I loosen them up to roll smoothly.

I’ll upload some pictures later and maybe a video.

thanks for taking the time.

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Here is a video of me using the press to show how it jam’s.

It appears that you have no roller wheels (trunnions). These are usually steel wheels, one on each end of a roller core. They are there to guide the rollers over the tracks and keep them at the right distance to ink the type
properly. There are many books on platen presswork available, including reprints of Kelsey’s Printers Guide to help a beginner understand the basics of printing!

I hope you haven’t damaged your new rollers. Be very careful to remove them until you have roller trucks, also called roller wheels. They can be any strong material (Delrin plastic is often used) and must be just a very little bit smaller in diameter than the rollers — if the rollers are 1 inch the trucks should be no smaller than 15/16 but less than 1 inch, and they should be about 3/4 inch wide and a snug fit on the roller shafts. Measure the roller diameter carefully and get trucks — if you’re lucky the rollers are a standard diameter. Have a machine shop cut them and center bore them for the roller shaft diameter. You need 4.

Would that be roller runners? I have been looking around and found these

Is that what I’m looking for? I keep getting one step closer to using this press and I have tons of letter sets in the art school I attend to have a good bash at.

thanks again.

Looks like those are the ticket, provided they are the correct diameter for your rollers. After you measure the rollers carefully ask the seller what the “runners” diameter is. If you got standard 8x5 rollers the standard runners should fit correctly. But for that money you should be sure.

thanks a lot I’ll drop them a message and find out.

thank you so much for clarifying that, hopefully should be in working order soon.

“LETTER SETS” are commonly known in the printing trade as “FONTS”

Contact Caslon for all spare parts of your Adana.

You also need push your roller arm covers down. they should fit snuggly over both ends of the roller arms.

You can buy Adana rollers with or without the runners (trucks, wheels) fitted from . I’ve just bought a pair and their great just what i needed.