Press ID, please…

Hello. I need some help identifying this lil press. Any ideas?

image: bf49_3.JPG


image: c800_3.JPG


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I have one of these also. Have always wondered what it may be? Bumping the topic in hopes that someone may know?

It is very similar (but not identical) to a toy press
shown on Amazon at:
(or if that URL doesn’t make it through, Google on

Fulton toy printing press

According to Paul Aken of the Platen Press
Musuem, the “Fulton” was originally made by
the Baumgarten Co. of Baltimore, MD in
several styles as the “Baltimore Printing Press.”
Fulton bought their patterns in 1934.
My “Fulton No. 80” is green like the one on
Amazon, but apparently one of the styles of
the “Baltimore” was black.

I hope I’m not leading you astray with a
mis-identification here. You might want to
contact Paul Aken / The Platen Press Museum

David M. MacMillan

Thanks for the great help David. From the looks of the one at your link, I would think you are right on target. Looks the same, just different paint colors. The features are identical. Very much appreciated. :)

I believe that the image was printed from a rubber stamp or chase of rubber type that slid into the slot in the “platen”. The top level of the base held the ink pad and the bottom level was were the stock was placed to receive the impression when the handle was pulled down.

I have one a little smaller and simpler (mine does not have a feeding guide for the paper - as shown in the photo above).

According to the information I got from Paul
Aken, it didn’t so much use a “chase” in the
ordinary sense of the term as a piece of wood
with a metal insert. The metal insert was
corrugated so as to form a series of five
channels. Rubber type was placed in these,
held in place by friction.

The Fulton No. 80 that I have does indeed
have a (dried out) ink pad on the upper level.

David M. MacMillan

Mine seems to resemble the one on Amazon as opposed to the one pictured above. Mine also does not have a paper feed. The metal insert sounds like a good thought. Maybe like this one that holds rubber type:

image: fulton3.JPG


image: fulton2.JPG


image: fulton1.JPG