Iowa - Personal Instruction on Letterpress

I wondered if there was anyone on this list here in Iowa who is a printing veteran who would be interested in a house visit to get my press ready to print and also offer some training.

I would be willing to pay for travel (mileage) and training time. I am in Des Moines Iowa.

Any takers?

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Contact Larry Raid @ [email protected]. He is in Denmark, IA.

house - thanks so much for the lead. I have emailed him and hopefully he will be interested.

Larry is a letterpress junkie. He has a linotype museum (rows and rows of linotype machines) in Denmark and has many old presses and all sorts of antique printing equipment. He used to have a program called Linotype University a couple of times a year where he taught linotype to beginners. I went there for Windmill University where I took a class from Larry and Buddy Lang on my Heidelberg Windmill-priceless. I bought the Windmill that I trained on. I hope he can help you or turn you onto someone who will. Good luck. Tell him Harry Morgan sent you.

You might also want to get in touch with the Univ. of Iowa Center for the Book.

They cover a lot more than just printing, but are also associated with a historic printing studio in Homestead, Iowa. I met one of their instructors (Gary Frost) and students (Jessica White) at Larry Raid’s “Linotype University” last year, and was most impressed by both. I have no connection to the Center, but suspect that it might be able to point you at someone near to you.

And, yes, Larry is still doing Linotype University annually. I had a wonderful time there last year, and expect to be there again this fall. See:

for a short writeup I did on it.)

David M. MacMillan

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