Baltimorean no. 10 press

Hello all,
I recently acquired a Baltimorean no. 10 press, but its missing the round plate at the top and also the rollers. I was wondering if anyone knew where i could find those items for my press?
thanks a lot for the help.

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Guess you just got that on eBay…haha, I was looking at that too. Looked beautiful.

Yeah, it is a nice little press, i just have to find the ink plate. I was able to find the roller for it. Does anyone know where i would be able to find that?


Since this is about the most commonly-missing part on such presses, you may have to have one made. A decent machine shop should be able to cut out a circular disc of steel, and weld on a shaft and some radials for the pawl to work against. Make sure they understand that the disc has to be exactly squared on to the shaft (since the original shaft may have been larger in diameter than the hole on the bracket for it, they can machine it square and concentric on a lathe). You’ll need to measure the distance the pawl travels and tell the machine shop to make the radials a bit closer together than that at the pawl’s distance from the center. If you take them the press and show them what it has to do they should have no trouble making it work.

Thanks Adlibpress, after looking for it on the web to no avail, i think thats my best bet….

Did you contact Excelsior Press ( I don’t know anything about them, but it looks like they might have what you need. And although your press may be a Baltimorean, I think the Chicago No. 10 (and No. 11) is essentially the same. And let us know what you find out, eventually I need an ink disk for my Chicago No. 11.

thanks Dave, i actually went to a machine shop and got one made, but it looks like the website you provided might have had it. Thanks a lot for the info, this seems like a great site to get parts

I know this is an old thread, but would you happen to have a picture of the bottom of your ink disk?

any notch will work

image: CIMG1893.JPG


Todd Thank you very much, when I get a chance to make the new one I will post it!

One tiny word of caution in advance, (we made this mistake already) if You are contemplating a newly re-manufactured Disc possibly check that there is the facility to alter the advance finger in the LATERAL plane, to suit the ratchet teeth across the circumference of the Disc. Or vice versa.!

Of course, the *Dog* can be re-configured, and the ARC and stroke of the operating arm can usually be reset, but still needs to contact the ratchet teeth, correctly, especially as the teeth adopt an unusual attitude, in operation, crude but serviceable.

On our Cropper Minerva the original cast iron *Dog* was dispensed with Many, Many, impressions ago, we now fit a pre-contoured BRASS alternative. Good Luck/