Kelsey Work Post…after 4 weeks of work

I am fairly new to the letterpress community and I want to thank everyone up front who answered my questions 4 weeks ago when we took up this crazy idea. I knew it would take some time to get the actual printing off the ground but after UPS dropped my 6x10 Kelsey from a plane into the parking lot of my apartment, I didn’t know if I would see actual printing. I have spent the last 4 weeks acquiring parts and rebuilding the little guy. I have lovingly named the press “Phoenix”….

Here is a post of my work over the weekend. I was a little scared of the project as these were my own wedding invitations. Things turned out satisfactory and I learned so much over the course of three days work. I would love to hear some criticism of the prints and how it could be better. I would also love to see others work they have turned out on their small table top presses. I hear a lot of “whoa as me” Kelsey stories on here and not enough success posts.

***The invite is not crooked. I get a bit wobbles at 3am with the camera apparently.***

image: invite.jpg


image: reply.jpg


image: ribbon-tag.jpg


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Way to go! I’m looking for that exact press. Do you find overall that you get a good enough impression like that on your Ribbon Tag? Did you use photopolymer plates? Where did you get your press?

Keep up the good work, I too would love to hear more success stories.

Looks great, and congratulations! I hope that was photopolymer on your ribbon tag- such a deep impression really ruins type.

The top, curved line of type appears a little heavily inked, but the overall effect is wonderful. Looks way better than my own first attempts :) The most common beginner error is too much ink, and I had really laid it on. Start lean, and add tiny bits, was what I learned.

Great job!

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I am curious, why are you selling the press now?