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Can anyone help me with some info on a letterpress? I am trying to figure out the year/make/weight and any other info available. I believe the serial # is RD372 and the size is 12X18.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Unfortunately the photo keeps showing up as a broken link. If you would like to email me and I’ll send ya’ a photo.

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image: Chandler-&-Price-3.jpg


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If this is an old style press (curved spokes) then it was probably made in 1906 The R part of the serial number may indicate it was rebuilt.

I believe the spokes are straight … New style.
After looking at a horrible photo of the serial I am
second guessing the “RD” maybe it is “R0”?

Hi Shane-

Maybe the photo of the press is a CMYK jpeg instead of an RGB jpeg? Usually i get the broken link when i forget to save my file as an RGB jpeg.

I know, unrelated to the topic at hand, but thought i would just see…


Don Kilpatrick

Unfortunately, none of the C&P press serial numbers start with an ‘R’. The 12x18’s do start with a ‘D’ beginning in 1905; before that all their presses had just numbers. You can find the list here:

Maybe one of the factory recondition items was a new style flywheel? Who knows.


Yes, there are some C&P Serials that start with an “RD” - the 12x18 Craftsman. RD300 = 1936. There’s a partial serial chart on the last page of the C&P Craftsman Automatic parts list off the Boxcar site.


As for the weight of such a press, heavy. If it still has its feeder intact (serial suggests it was built as an auto, not hand fed) somewhere in the neighborhood of 3200-3400 lb.

I’m a bit thrown by the spokes on the flywheel though. I have a 12x18 craftsman automatic myself which dates similar (mid-to-late 30’s) and it has a solid flywheel, as has any craftsman I’ve seen in a photo (granted, that only means a handful of presses of unknown build dates).

I’ve got a few PDF’s I’ll look for to send you. One is a full C&P serial list & the other has specs of a few presses - but includes the weight of a 12x18 craftsman auto.


Thanks for the info and correction. Jason. you should send a copy to that serial number list to David McFarlane at the Greendolphinpress site so it could be added to the FAQ.

Arie, Just glad to have something good to contribute. Shane emailed me some of the pictures mentioned above, sure enough - a Craftsman (and no on the flywheel spokes, its solid).

It took a little searching to figure out where I got that serial PDF in the first place, but for others interested - press 817 has it along with a few things they’ve shared on the following page:


Thanks everyone for your help. Briar Press and it’s letterpress community are the best.