6.5x10 standing floor model

could anyone help with identification,

image: CIMG0027.JPG


image: CIMG0029.JPG


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Looks more like a 7x11 Gordon. Would need more photos to be positive.

Looks very similar to the one in this thread http://www.briarpress.org/15975 right down to the counterweight on the flywheel and the shape of the treadle…

Looks very similar, yes, but not the same — although not clearly visible, note the shape of the lower opening on the side frame, looks like sort of round-bottomed more-or-less triangular shape on this press, while it’s clearly a flat-sided oval on the other…

More photos would be nice; possibly seeing the press in profile. It most definitely is not an old style Gordon, the body is wrong. It looks similar to one that I saw in a shop in which I had worked a number of years ago. That press had been converted to print jewelry boxes; with the platen removed and a contraption in which different sizes of boxwood blocks could be screwed into it for the different sized boxes. It also had no name. No throw-off and a counter-balanced throw-wheel makes it a fairly early press 1870s or 80s. The detail on the casting is very nice and somewhat unusual.


My two cents, it resembles a Damon & Peets 6x10 “Favorite”
Press, in the Briar Press museum. But then again the treadle and counter-balanced throw-wheel are different in the pic.



image: Damon_Peets.jpg


i wish. id kill for that fly wheel, i think its generic as they discovered in the last search. love it just the same and restoration is starting. thanks everybody. oh and the chase fit exactly into a craftsman superior. does a 7x11 have the same size , i thought the measurements were from the inside of the chase…

It appears to be a “Gordon Style” press where the platen tips up and the bed comes forward to meet the platen. It does, however have an interesting design with the hinged bed hinged within the frame of the press rather than on the outside of the frame as most were produced.