Boxcar platemaking changes

So, as soon as I get set up on my photopolymer platemaker, boxcar goes and does this:

1 day processing is now normal

2 day shipping is now free on orders over 90sq in.

Wow, the payback time on my platemaker just got a lot longer :(

Oh well, I guess good news can be somebody’s bad news :)

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I seen this - just when I placed a huge order yesterday and now have to wait til next week to get it! That has been my week!

Anyway, great news for the future!


I got lucky and found a good deal on a used platemaker.

With this change, the amoritization time on a new platemaker is going to be very very long. I’m guessing that for people who were thinking of making their own plates, this change will keep them using boxcar rather than making the investment in a platemaker.

Hey - its my lucky day - the order I placed yesterday that I was talking about was upgraded to the two day shipping! Wasn’t that nice of them! Boxcar was great before - now they are even more awesome!!

This is likely the result of elum designs’ recent announcement that they will be providing full-scale plate processing as well as “eluminum” bases, that are basically a lowered price copy cat of the Boxcar processing set up and base. Let the corporate wanna-bes fight it out.

But, what’s the big deal here. I offer same day processing at next day rates to my regional market and the rates are priced at about ten percent below Boxcar, and have been for the last several years. Logos, in San Francisco, has even lower pricing (using the economical Jet plate), though scheduling isn’t the best last time I checked.

Shop around. There are lots of plate processors out there, and lots of different pricing schemes. There isn’t a monopoly on this stuff, and thank god for that.


Thanks Glen and Brandi! We’ve been working on improving our turnaround time for a while, Glen, so sorry it took until after you purchased a platemaker. We’ve also been gathering customer feedback for the last few months and it’s great to take action on these suggestions. It’s always our goal to be responsive and please our customers!


P.S. It’s not to late to have your voice heard, here’s a link to a survey on our platemaking services:

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