Adana 8 x 5 - Missing Pieces?

Just a post with some photo’s of my Adana 8 x 5 Press, Ive had quite the struggle with it this year trying and trying to get it to a working condition.

I had problems before with my rollers sticking and thanks to the great support on this forum, I got roller runners for my rollers.

I’ve had some problems with getting an even press too but I was given advice on placing type in all four corners and give this a try when I return to art school for my next semester.

Id just like some clarification from all you experts out there of whats left to mend on this lovely, yet frustrating old press.

The Images can be found here:
[The rollers and runners are removed as they are in my locker]

I also wanted to ask should my gripper arms be moving or remaining static, at the moment they are.

I’ve shelled out quite a lot of cash on this project over this year and really want to achieve at least some form of prints from it, the class in which I study in Dundee has a great source of typefaces and has about 6 cabinets full of fonts!

I appreciate any help you can give, I really love the tactile way of letterpress and definitely want to get involved!


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It looks like your missing the fingers that normally are attached to the two square gripper rods. On older presses one would find two fingers, on later models one long finger running from rod to rod. Have you got a manual for your press? If not, download one here on Briar Press. And where are you based? If in Scotland, I’m Edinburgh based and have several Adanas.

I’m from Glasgow myself actually! I have the downloaded Adana manual and have spent a couple of days looking up a few sites, I think I may be missing top and bottom padding bales, are they an important part to pressing with this model?

I read that using elastic bands can supplement the gripper fingers for the meantime?

Do you sell parts for Adana’s, where are you located in Edinburgh? Could do with general advice, I study Graphic Design Bdes in Dundee but I’m back home in Glasgow at the moment until later this month.