Heidelberg Windmill new impression throw-off lever


I recently purchased a black ball Heidelberg Windmill on Ebay. The Windmill was partly disassembled, but does look very well for a 60 yrs old machine.
Unfortunately, while moving the Windmill into it’s new home (my garage) we had an accident and now the Impression throw-off lever is bend (it is not straight any more). So the adjustment of the lever doesn’t work. The lever itself can be pushed and pulled, but it is set to 0 and the setting can not be changed.
I’m going to get the lever out of the press tomorrow and check, if I can get it straight again. I also want to check how much the lever will cost as a spare part and there I can order one.
I’m located in Germany (No, Heidelberg dosn’t have any spare-parts, I already asked) but I would order the lever from anywhere (Europe, US) if necessary.


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I would start by calling these guys…


they are in Canada… not sure if that is a problem for you with the cost of shipping and all. I’ve called and bought parts from them for my garage windmill. Good luck.

Thanks, I will get in touch with them and see if they have what I need.

I would start by reminding everyone that moving printing machinery from point A to point B - whether it is across the world, or across the room - is a job for professional riggers who specialize in moving printing equipment of all types.

They’re in the yellow pages under “Movers, Printing Equipment”. They are bonded and insured, and have a 99% chance of placing your printing machinery exactly where you want it, with a minimum of damage.

Otherwise, you pays yer money and you takes yer chances.


Thanks Jim,

great advice!