How do I attach a treadle to my C & P

I just acquired a Chandler & Price Old Style 7x11 #A129 and am looking to fabricate a treadle for it. I am looking for someone who owns a C & P with a treadle and might be able to send me photos as to how it is attached to the back of the press and the length of the treadle. The best case scenario would be to see a treadle in person.

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OK - I’m in Eastern Massachusetts, and installed a Hern treadle on my 8 x 12. How close by are you?

I am In Central Illinois near Peoria Peoria .

You’re welcome to come up to East Lansing, MI to look at mine, but Paul Aken’s Platen Press Museum just north of Chicago might be more convenient.


I have a photo of a Pearl #11 at the Museum of Print in North Andover, MA:

Hope this helps.


Try this pic. Not mine
It shows a pretty clear shot of all of the attachments on the OS C&P.
I used and searched for “treadle press” Lots of pics to look through.

Boundstaff - that’s a great photo. There is a steel rod at the rear base which is only used to attach the treadle to the frame - it’s not even holding the frame together. There is another (moveable) attachment to the base of the hook. If you are going to try to fabricate one yourself, you’ll need to pay around with the geometry a bit.

I would suggest getting a new treadle form Hern Iron Works.
They set me up with a new Treadle for my 8x12 C&P and it hooked up in 5 minutes and works great!

Before you order a treadle from Hern, make certain you measure the diameter of the shaft you will be using to mount it. It is possible that the 7x11 C&P used a different diameter than the 8x12. Yopu could also measure the distance between the frame members to ensure the treadle will fit.

It is likely, however that they may be the same.